Luminance exfoliating toner formulated with 5% glycolic acid deeply exfoliates skin and removes dead cells for a brighter tone and smoother texture. Enriched with Orange peel extract, Rose Water and fruit extracts, this alcohol-free toner provides an instant glow while deep-cleaning pores. Gentle on all skin types, this toner is especially great for acne-prone and sensitive skin.

Luminance Brightening Toner w/ 5% Glycolic Acid

    • Tones and brightens skin overnight
    • Freshen your face throughout the day
    • Helps to remove acne marks
    • Shrinks Pores


    • GLYCOLIC ACID 5% - effectively removing the outermost layer of dead cells from the complexion, revealing brighter, fresher skin.


    • ROSE WATER- anti- inflammatory reduces the redness of irritated skin, get rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema.


    • VITAMIN C- an antioxidant that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting an even skin tone.


    • LACTIC ACID - specifically treats hyperpigmentation, age spots, and other factors that contribute to a dull and uneven complexion.WHITE


    • WILLOW BARK EXTRACT - reduces the look of enlarged pores and blemishes.