Using professional-grade ingredients, Ferulic Acid and Retinol, helps support natural collagen, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and diminish the look of creepiness in the eyelid.  Kojic acid and arbutin brightens dark circles and deflates under eye puffiness, while Peptide Technology reduces the degree of existing facial wrinkles and demonstrated effectiveness against their development with regular use. In clinical studies of twice-a-day treatment, the severity of wrinkles around the eyes decreased up to 17% after 15 days and 27% following 30 days of treatment.

Retinol + Ferulic Correction Eye Cream

    • Peptide formula leaves the eye area smooth, even and bright
    • Reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes
    • Strengthens the connective tissue
    • Reduces inflammation and prevents UV damage


    • Retinol - firms and smooth the skin under and around your eye


    • Argireline- promotes collagen production and optimizes the function of collagen, which both fight fine lines around the eyes


    • Hydrolyzed Sesame Protein PG - instantly and visibly smooth the skin, as well as tighten it.


    • Alpha-Arbutin & Kojic's acid - improves the appearance of dark circles under eyes.